Back Support & Ergonomic Braces

Back Support & Ergonomic Braces

Common workplace injuries that happen today can be reduced with the proper back support or ergonomic brace. Everything from economy back supports & braces, to the most advanced that include safety suspenders lumbosacral pads for maximum comfort. Ergonomic wrist supports allow for easy movement and dexterity while performing daily tasks and duties. Here at Aactus, we have a plethora of back support & ergonomic brace choices available- to help assist you in providing a healthy and safe work environment for your employees.


  • Back Supports- with Lumbar and Sacral Supports
  • Back Supports- Non-Stretch Lumbar Supports
  • Elastic Back Supports- both suspender & v-cross styles
  • Ergonomic Wrist Supports- limits downward movements
  • All are ANSI and OSHA standards compliant


3M™, Ergodyne Work Gear®, Schiek®

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