TubesAactus is your clear choice for a wide selection and variety of shapes regarding the Tubes that we offer.  Made of recyclable extruded semi-rigid clear plastic tubes, tubes are a cost-effective and clearly visible way to increase your product sales.  The applications for our clear plastic tubes are unlimited. We can help coordinate and create tubes from a standard size, or customize it to your particular specification and/or project design requirements.  Tubes are a great way to show many types of POP and display-friendly packaging.  Other uses include clear plastic Mailing Tubes, part feeder tubes or even component parts.

Cardboard shipping tubes are also available in various sizes and provide great protection for shipping your products to the end customer.  Give us a call.


  • Clear Round Plastic Tubes
  • Clear Square Plastic Tubes
  • Clear Rectangular Plastic Tubes
  • Clear Hanging Plastic Tubes
  • Clear Flat-Sealed Plastic Tubes
  • Clear Mailing/Shipping Plastic Tubes
  • Cardboard Mailing/Shipping Tubes
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