Stretch Film Wrap

Stretch Film WrapOften called ‘shrink wrap’, stretch film wrap has similar characteristics to that of shrink or saran wrap.  Stretch film wrap is available in a multitude of widths, gauge thicknesses, and colors.  Stretch Film Wrap is used worldwide in almost every imaginable type of manufacturing, industrial, moving & storage, retail, food, or any industry that warrants the load to be secured and puncture resistant, or large individual products to be wrapped and protected.  Stretch Film Wrap comes in multiple widths, strengths, gauges, lengths, colors, and hand or machine applied types.  We have one of the largest in-house offerings of stretch film to meet your requirements.  Please either call us, or stop by in person, to discuss the exact Stretch Film Wrap needed for your next project.



  • Hand Stretch Film Wrap
  • Mini Bundling Wrap
  • Extended Core Film Wrap
  • Colors & Black Film Wrap
  • Machine Length Film Wrap
  • Custom Stretch Film Wrap
  • Shrink Wrap Dispensers & Tools
  • Machine Shrink Wrappers
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