Shrink Film & Bags

Shrink Film & BagsShrink Film & Bags are used to showcase products, and utilized in every type of the packaging and retail industry that calls for a visually clear end result.  Most shrink film, bags, bands or tubing are constructed from PVC or Polyolefin-based materials, and are available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and lengths.  Call us today to learn more about the endless possibilities for your Shrink Film projects!


  • Roll Shrink Film (PVC or Polyolefin)
  • Rectangle Shrink Bags (PVC or Polyolefin)
  • Dome-shaped Shrink Bags (PVC or Polyolefin)
  • Special-shaped Shrink Bags (PVC or Polyolefin)
  • Shrink Bands (PVC or Polyolefin)
  • Shrink Tubing (PVC or Polyolefin)
  • Custom Shrink Film products
  • Printed Shrink Film products
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