MarkersHigh-performance industrial markers are available for endless industries including metal fabrication, metal production, automotive assembly, building construction, shipbuilding, welding, lumber/timber, packaging, and fulfillment, just to name a few.  If you operations or jobs require ink markers, paint markers, or a type of specialty marker, Aactus has the markers you need.


  • High Temperature Markers
  • Holders
  • Hot Surface Paintstik® Markers
  • Industrial Markers
  • Ink Markers, Permanent
  • Liquid Paint Markers
  • Low-Corrosion Markers
  • Lumber / Timber Markers
  • Paint Markers
  • Peel-Off China Markers
  • Paintstik® Solid Paint Markers
  • Solid Paint Markers
  • Specialty Markers
  • Valve Action® Markers
  • Washable / Removable Markers
  • Welding Markers


Dykem, ITW, Markal, Sharpie

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