Loose Fill Peanuts & Dispensers

Loose Fill Peanuts & DispensersPELASPAN®PAC, also known as loose fill or packaging peanuts, is a flowable cushioning that can be used to protect any product.  While used for void-filling within a packaging container, it creates blocking and bracing protection around the product.  Produced without CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons), PELASPAN® is recyclable and reusable.  Specialty PELASPAN®, such as anti-static, biodegradable, or recycled, is made to satisfy specific industry requirements and needs. PELASPAN® PAC is available in convenient bags for loose-fill dispensers, or bulk for system integrations.



  • Anti-Static Loose-Fill
  • Loose-Fill Dispensers
  • Pelaspan® Pac (Reusable / Recyclable)
  • Pelaspan® Bio (Biodegradable)
  • Recycled Loose-Fill
  • System Integrations, Bulk



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