Kraft Paper & Dispensers

Kraft Paper & DispensersWe have a vast selection of Kraft paper rolls and dispensers to suit most projects or packaging processes.  Kraft paper is often utilized as an economical and cost-effective solution for filling the voided (or empty) areas within a carton or other type of corrugated container during the packaging process.  Specialty Kraft papers are used in many types of retail, industrial, or other manufacturing environments where products need to be packaged to protect or prevent scratches on delicate materials or parts.  We also stock various Kraft paper dispensers that have multiple uses – from a type that ‘scrunches’ the paper to act as a void fill for packing a carton, and another dispenser has a blade built into the dispenser itself to cut off the paper at any desired lengths, to yet another that is a part of a mobile packaging station.  Call us today to learn more about our Kraft paper and dispensers.



  • Kraft Paper – Various Weights & Sizes
  • Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets
  • Bogus Kraft Paper Rolls
  • Color Kraft Paper Rolls
  • Indented Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets
  • Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets
  • Waxed Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets
  • Specialty: Tissue, Butcher & Freezer Papers
  • Paper Dispensers / Cutters
  • Paper Scrunching Dispenser for Void-Fill
  • Mobile Packaging Stations
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