Knives & Blades

Knives & BladesSafety, durability and precision cutting are key features often sought after for industrial use of knives. Additionally, comfort, convenience, and ease-of-use round out decision making when selecting the correct cutter or blades for your specific job and needs.  For value and quality, select from some of the following types available.



  • Blade Replacements
  • Blade Dispenser Packs
  • Art Knives
  • Breakaway Knives
  • Cutters – Bag, Box or Film
  • Hook Knives & Tape Splitters
  • Rotary Knives
  • Pocket Safety Cutters
  • Quick-Change Knives
  • Safety Cutters / Safety Knives
  • Snap Knives: Snap-Blade / Snap-Off
  • Utility Knives



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