Insulated Packaging

Insulated PackagingPerishable products, such as food, candy, or medical supplies, require insulated packaging solutions for refrigerated storage and transportation.  Temperature sensitive products can be safely shipped and distributed by using a combination of cold source packs, along with the appropriate insulated box, carton, container, mailer, or shipper.  An array of proven temperature safe shipping and protective products are available to accommodate insulated packaging requirements of any industry.



  • Cold Packs
  • Gel Cold Packs
  • Foam Refrigerant Packs
  • Dry Ice Equipment
  • Foam Containers
  • Insulated Box & Foam Kits
  • Insulated Box Liners
  • Insulated Mailers & Shippers
  • Insulated Pallet Covers
  • Overnite/Express Containers


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