Carton Staples & Staplers

Carton Staples & StaplersPackage closure can be achieved by various methods, with stapling being an efficient, cost-effective, and pilfer-proof solution.  Corrugated cartons and boxes can be strongly secured with staples, by stapling with manual, pneumatic (air-operated), or electric packaging staplers.  Stick, coil, or roll staples are available for light cartons or heavy boxes, which all are suitable for long distance shipping via any freight carrier.  Whether seeking replacement staples or a new stapler, a wide selection is available for reliable industrial use.

Packaging Staple Types:

  • Coil/ Roll Staples, 1/2” – 3/4”
  • Stick Staples, 5/8” – 7/8”
  • Tri-Wall Stick Staples, 1” – 2”
  • Tray/Lid Staples: 3/8” –  5/8”
  • Staples Available for Other Applications

Packaging Stapler Types:

  • Carton / Box Top Staplers – Manual or Pneumatic
  • Carton / Box Bottom Staplers, Foot – Manual, Air or Electric
  • Carton Tray/Lid Plier Staplers – Pneumatic
  • Coil & Roll Box Staplers / Box Closers
  • Corrugated-to-Pallet Staplers
  • Stick Box Staplers / Box Closers
  • Double-Wall Carton Box Staplers
  • Triple-Wall / Tri-Wall “Giant” Staplers
  • Staplers Available for Other Applications

Brands / Similar to:

BeA®, Bostitch®, CCC®, Fasco®, ISM®, JK®, Spotnails®

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