Cable Ties

Cable TiesCable Ties, also known as Zip Ties, are a type of fastener used to hold items together - primarily wires or cables.  Though initially used in the electronics industry, the range of applications and industries that utilize Cable Ties has grown exponentially.  The fact that they are easy to use, along with their affordable cost, has made cable ties a commonly relied upon bundling solution throughout industrial and packaging industries, as well as securing items to another substrate.   There are a variety of sizes, colors, lengths, and thicknesses available.  Give us a call.


  • Miniature Cable Ties – 18 lb. Tensile
  • Intermediate Cable Ties – 40 lb. Tensile
  • Standard Cable Ties – 50 lb. Tensile
  • Heavy Duty Cable Ties – 120 lb. Tensile
  • Jumbo Cable Ties – 125 lb./250 lb. Tensile
  • Natural Cable Ties
  • Black UV Cable Ties
  • Color Cable Ties
  • Beaded Loop Fasteners
  • Cold Weather Cable Ties
  • Flag Cable Tie Markers
  • Identification Cable Ties
  • Metal Detectable Cable Ties
  • Releasable Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Velcro® Cinch Straps / Self Grip Straps
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