Banding & Strapping

Banding & StrappingAactus offers an extensive array of steel, poly and cord, as well as all related equipment and accessories to safeguard your load.  Whether the need is for a single coil to a full pallet, choose from a quality banding and strapping selection, for a host of universal banding and strapping applications.  Dispensing, cutting, tensioning and sealing tasks can be achieved with manual, battery, pneumatic or automated equipment.  Relied upon worldwide in almost every imaginable industry, banding and strapping secures your load throughout transport to the intended destination.


Banding / Strapping Types:

  • Cord Strapping – Bonded or Woven
  • Composite Cord Strapping, Polyester
  • Machine Grade Polypropylene
  • Poly / Polypropylene Hand-Use Grade
  • Polyester Hand-Use & Equipment Grade
  • Steel Banding, Oscillated
  • Steel Banding, Ribbon Wound
  • Steel Banding, High Tensile

Banding / Strapping Equipment & Accessory Types:

  • Manual, Battery, Pneumatic or Automated Equipment
  • Tensioning, Sealing, Combo Tools & Cutting Shears
  • Dispensing Equipment / Strapping Dispenser Carts
  • Machines for Poly Strapping
  • Sealless Tools
  • Seals for Steel Sealing
  • Seals & Buckles for Cord & Poly Sealing
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