Wipers - Cloths - Rags

Wipers - Cloths - Rags

We have the right solution for you when it comes to utilizing a wiper, cloth or rag material-based product here at Aactus. There are a variety of wipers to choose from- both in roll form and individual sheets (pre-packaged boxes). Our cloths are primarily microfiber, but we also stock and sell paper-based cloths. Finally, we have rags available in as little as 50 lbs. per purchase, although we can provide pallet-based quantities on any of our wiper, cloth and rag type products. Call us today to learn more!


  • White or various colored wipers
  • Microfiber or paper-based cloths
  • White or various material-based rags


O’Cedar® Commercial, 3M™, Genuine Joe®, Wypall®, Brawny®, Kimberly-Clark®, Scott®

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