Trash Bags & Can Liners

Trash Bags & Can Liners

When it comes to determining the proper trash bag or can liner to purchase for your shop or office area, there are four (4) things to keep in mind. First, the characteristics or usage of the bag and/or liner is critical- some have an excellent tear strength and others have a greater load capacity. Second, the size of the bag or liner is important, as too small or too large of a bag can waste money and time. Third, the thickness, or 'gauge' of the material is vital- a Low Density bag or liner is measured in 'mil' thickness, while a High Density bag or liner is measured in 'mic' or micron thickness. Finally, the color of the bag or liner is important as they are great for aesthetics, hiding not-so-good looking trash, or for recycling and preventing theft. We can help make that next trash bag or can liner experience a pleasant one- and informative!


  • Clear Trash Bags & Can Liners
  • Colored Trash Bags & Can Liners
  • Recycled Trash Bags & Can Liners
  • Contractor’s Trash Bags (Heavy Duty)
  • Custom-Sized Trash Bags & Can Liners


O’Cedar® Commercial, Genuine Joe®, Clorox®, Glad®, EarthSense®, and more!

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