Rotary Floor Machines

Rotary Floor Machines

When it comes to identifying the proper rotary floor machine for your application, we are more than happy to help you in that task! Floor machines are available in a variety of configurations; it depends on the job or task at hand and the primary use for the unit. For stripping, scrubbing or screen cleaning purposes, a walk-behind rotary floor machine will do a great job. For larger facility cleaning purposes, either a walk-behind or sit-down industrial strength floor scrubber would fit the bill. These units have an aggressive scrubbing system and freshly scrubbed floors are clean, dry and safe for walk traffic in a matter of seconds. In today's cleaning environment, we can offer a nice selection of products that are best suited for your current needs.


  • Walk-behind Rotary Floor Machines
  • Walk-behind Rotary Floor Scrubbers
  • Sit-down Rotary Floor Scrubbers


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