Rotary Floor Machine Pads & Scrubbers

Rotary Floor Machine Pads & Scrubbers

Knowing the type of surface that is going to be scrubbed, polished, or cleaned is without question, the most vital component to choosing the proper rotary floor machine pad. There are many types of pads available, and there are a variety of materials and densities that the pads are made from. Nylon, poly, bassine, wire, Tampico, polypro and various grit grades are available. We have a complete line of rotary floor machine pads to choose from here at Aactus - contact us today and we'll identify your needs and suggest the appropriate product for your current application.


  • Rotary Scrub Brushes (Various types available)
  • Rotary Stripping Brushes (Various types available)
  • Rotary Polishing Brushes (Various types available)
  • Rotary Carpet Brushes (Various types available)


Clark®, 3MTM, O’Cedar® Commercial, Rubbermaid®, Genuine Joe®

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