Paper Products - Towels - Tissues

Paper Products - Towels - Tissues

The selection is vast and we have the product selection when it comes to purchasing your towels, tissues, and other paper products for your office or shop facility. We have a variety of towels (sometimes called wipers) to choose from, whether it be in c-fold, center-pull, roll form, brown hard roll form, or individual sheets (pre-packaged boxes). We also have a great selection in all sizes of facial tissues, bathroom tissue, and paper towels in the brands you know and trust. Call us to learn more!


  • Vast selection of hand towels
  • White or various colored wipers
  • Great selection of tissues


Kleenex®, Bounty®, Kimberly-Clark®, Marcal®, Brawny®, Scott®, Cottonelle®, Georgia-Pacific®


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