Staplers & Fastening Tools

Staplers & Fastening Tools

Stapling applications are easily achieved with the extensive variety of available specialty staplers that we offer. Light-duty stapling can often be completed with manual staplers, while production-oriented stapling may be best suited for air-operated or electric staplers. Whether the fastening job is industrial-specific, interior or exterior work, our quality engineered staplers & fastening tools are well represented from highly respected brands. Make sure to call the experts here at Aactus regarding your stapler or fastening tool needs!


  • Staplers -Plier & Clinch
  • Staplers - Tackers & Hammer
  • Staplers - Manual & Air-Operated (Pneumatic)
  • Staplers - Cordless & Electric
  • Fine Wire Staplers
  • Medium Wire Staplers
  • Heavy Wire Staplers
  • Packaging & Carton Closing Staplers
  • Divergent Staplers
  • Hog Ring Fastener Tools
  • Corrugated Fastener Tools


Arrow®, BeA®, Bostitch®, Duo-Fast®, Fasco®, JK®, Max®, Paslode®, Rapid®, Senco®, Spenax®, Spotnails®

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