Pallet Jacks & Trucks

Pallet Jacks & Trucks

We offer a huge selection of pallet jacks & lift hand trucks. Everything from electric pallet jacks to manual; light duty to heavy duty- even stainless steel to galvanized types. Having the proper pallet jack for the job is as important as the load that is going to be lifted. Industrial strength pallet trucks are available, as well as pallet trucks that have scales built into it. Allow us the opportunity to quote your next pallet jack or truck purchase- you'll be glad that you did!


  • 4-Way Pallet Jacks
  • Low or High Profile Pallet Jacks
  • Light-to-Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks
  • Scale Pallet Jacks & Hand Trucks
  • Moving, Appliance and Special Handling Hand Trucks
  • Semi-Electric & Fully Electric Pallet Trucks- Compact or Self-Propelled
  • Recyclable Pallet Trucks- Low Environmental Impact Unit


Little Giant®, Vestil®, Presto®, Lyon®, Wesco®, Genie®, Liftstar®, Mobile, MightyLiftTM

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