Hose Cords & Reels

Hose Cords & Reels

We have access to a fantastic selection & variety of hose cords and reels. Always with safety in mind, most hose cords and reels easily wrap, store and protect hoses from damage and ultimately, provide your employees with a safe and improved workplace. Types range from a standard crank to fully-powered reel setup, or cords that encapsulate a portable or fixed mount reel. Our hose cords and reels serve most any industry, and we would love the opportunity to 'reel you in' with all that is available when it comes to discussing your next hose cord or reel project- you'll be glad that you did!


  • Safety Series Reels- multiple varieties
  • Compact Series Reels- many to choose from
  • Light-to-Heavy Duty Hose Cords & Reels
  • Premium/Fuel Delivery Auto-Retractable Reels
  • Static Discharge/Grounding Reels
  • General Industrial Hose Cords & Reels


Coxreels®, Reelcraft Industries, Hosetract Industries

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