Foam-in-Place Machines

Foam-in-Place Machines

We offer a variety of fast and convenient solutions that let you create instant foam packaging on-demand. Create instant custom protective packaging with Storopack's foam-in-place FOAMplus® systems. The FOAMplus® Bagpacker, a foam-in-bag system, fills up to 23 bags per minute to pre-form foam packaging materials in a mold, or to place directly into the shipping carton or container. The FOAMplus® Handpacker works with a hand-held gun to dispense foam directly into the shipping carton or into a wooden mold using a liner. With these FOAMplus® systems, experience superior product protection with substantial savings and source reduction.


  • FOAMplus® Bagpacker Machine
  • FOAMplus® Handpacker Machine
  • Foam-In-Place Systems Integration
  • FOAMplus®  Universal Foam
  • FOAMplus®  Tubes
  • FOAMplus® Molding Systems
  • FOAMplus® Film
  • FOAMplus® Manual Cutter



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