Bins, Containers & Totes

Bins, Containers & Totes

The selection is vast, and the product quality is outstanding when it comes to solving your next bin, container, or tote situation within your facility. Whether the task is small or large at hand, we can help get you organized in style! From bins that affix to wire shelving, to cross-stacking bins, to simple shelf bins. Or, maybe a parts bin, to a cabinet or rack system with bins. Finally, nestable or stackable totes in a variety of colors and sizes to get your organizational duties handled in short order.


  • Shelf Bins (either by themselves or with wire shelving)
  • Hanging Bins (allows bins to 'tilt out' on steel or wire shelving)
  • Stackable & Multi-Load Bins
  • Straight Wall Containers
  • Storage Containers
  • Conductive Containers (protects sensitive electrical components)
  • Stackable/Collapsible Containers
  • Nesting or Stackable Totes
  • Many colors, material types and sizes to choose from!


Arko-Mils®, Quantum® Storage Systems, Lakeside®, Triton Products, Lewis Bins+

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