Barrier Protection & Guard Rails

Barrier Prot5ection & Guard Rails

When it comes to your barrier protection and/or guard rails needs for your facility, we have exactly what you need! Barrier protection products made strong enough to sustain direct hits from various types of machinery and forklifts, yet sturdy enough to maintain its structural integrity. Our rack guards are low profile in nature to protect the employee traffic, corners of buildings, racks, storage areas, and machinery. Most rack guards are either 2 or 4 anchor hole type for easy installation. They can be installed around corners, against walls, or upright as a free standing guard.


  • Various widths of pipe railing for barrier protection
  • Handrails, Goal Posts, Bumper Posts and Bumper Sleeves
  • Mezzanine Safety Gate for barrier protection
  • Corner & Column Guards- various types
  • Structural Rack Guards
  • Rubber Insert Rack Guards- no anchors needed


Vestil, Idea Shield, Kee® Safety, “Save”ty®, UltraTech, Handle It®,Jesco


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