Air Pillow Cushion Machines

Air Pillow Cushion Machines

Inflatable packaging machines create air cushions, air pillow bags and air bubble film, all of which are versatile for a wide range of packaging applications. With the simple push of a button, this on-demand solution efficiently replaces premade bubble, saves storage and reduces handling costs. Mechanically reliable machines, along with #2 recyclable air film materials, combine to become air cushion packaging for void fill, protective wrapping, and to block and brace through transport. Air cushion machines, designed for speed and performance, are compact for a single user yet powerful enough to integrate into a high-volume packaging lines. Discuss your protective packaging needs with our product specialists at Aactus.


  • Air Cushion Packaging
  • Air Pillows (Bubble Film)
  • AIRmove® Cushion / VOID
  • AIRmove2® Cushion / VOID
  • AIRplus® Machines: Excel, Mini & GTI
  • AIRplus® Bubble Film
  • AIRplus® Cushion - Air Cushions
  • AIRplus® Square Air Bags
  • AIRplus® Tube Film
  • AIRplus® Void Air Cushions
  • AIRplus® Wave Film
  • Airspace® G4
  • Bubble Air Cushions
  • Fill-Air®
  • Inflatable Packaging
  • On-Demand Air Pillows & Bubble
  • Systems Integration


Polyair®, Sealed Air®, STOROpack®

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